Welcome to Donegal

 "Whatever fortune comes my way, whatever may befall
Sure I know I'll make my final destination Donegal" 

donegal holiday

So sums up the longing of one who has travelled away from his beloved country but dreams of returning with all his heart. ...this is part of a song written by Johnny McCauley who hails from Fahan in Donegal. It is very true that this County of Donegal, once seen, is never forgotten; an unspoilt geographic feast for the eyes or to the poetically minded, 'a wild and lonely place' where you can think and breathe. A Donegal holiday will fill up your photo album and memories with a cornucopia of treasures!

The Irish form of Donegal is "Dún na nGall" which means "Fort of the Foreigner" (Perhaps this dates from the Viking occupation, when a Viking fortress may have existed). 

Three hours travel from Dublin and two from Belfast, Donegal on the West side of Northern Ireland is a gorgeous jewel set in the Emerald Isle. A perfect spot for a holiday is Donegal! Uniquely Irish yet with a flavour of the Highlands, the rocky and rugged bays and fjords on the north and west coasts shaped by the full force of the Atlantic winter gales and tides give way to the dramatic mountain scenery inland - wild and untamed, populated by very few people, but where the skies are ruled, once again, by the Golden Eagle after its reintroduction some years ago. 

DONEGAL HOLIDAY SEAWith coastal views from the rugged cliffs to islands and beyond to the open sea there is absolutely nothing but miles of ocean between Ireland and America to the West.  A holiday in Donegal will remain in your memory forever; dramatic views from the mountaintops over the green landscape give way to a romantic vista of fields, woods, lakes and rivers and boggy plains that has been the home of wild things for aeons.

It is a country favoured by those who love the outdoors, sports such as golf and angling, wild camping holidays, pony trekking, country pubs and ancient castles.  Those on holiday in Donegal will find a local Irish community that still speaks the Irish language and enjoys the old traditions of music and dance in public halls, and at local festivals.  And Donegal at party times is full of local people enjoying themselves, with traditional music playing, storytellers, bars and clubs open late into the night, arts, music, and comedy festivals at which Donegal holidaymakers are made more than welcome.