Needing a little extra help

My friend was a cleaner and often discovered problems with cleaning mens urinals until he was introduced to Chem Assist. Chem Assist were very good at providing different chemical unblockers that were able to help with the problems that he was experiencing in cleaning.

This blog was posted Tuesday 17th December 2019 : 01.06 pm

Looking for a chartered accountants

My friend was looking around for a chartered accountant that could help him with his accountancy needs for two of his small businesses. Dominic Hill was introduced to him and were highly professional and attentive to his needs. They were able to talk through well what his needs were and help him with what he needed.

This blog was posted Tuesday 26th November 2019 : 09.50 am

Mortgage Advisors

A good friend had been hunting through the rental market in search of a property and mortgage services but was finding it almost impossible to take out a mortgage because he could not prove a steady income because his business was still relatively new. He was introduced to a specialist mortgage company called I need some help that were able to accommodate this need further.

This blog was posted Monday 18th November 2019 : 09.56 am

Training made fun

ETC Fire really knows their stuff but more importantly, they know how to share what they know with others in a fun and interesting way. My auntie works at a school and she says that the school have had fire training in the past and it dragged on and was very boring. Lots of people lost interest which is terrible but just like they do with the children, what they were being taught needed to be engaging and this company nailed it.

This blog was posted Wednesday 17th January 2018 : 04.40 pm

Smiles all round

My sister-in-law was new to the area and came across Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers to get a quote for homeowners insurance. She was thrilled with the personable service that she received and was amazed that the company bent over backward to help her. They made her feel thoroughly welcome and encouraged her to pop in anytime she liked. She is thankful for the assistance and expertise that this company demonstrated with ease and pleasure. She said it was refreshing to walk into an office and feel totally welcomed and to see so many smiley faces who were happy to help their clients.

This blog was posted Friday 22nd December 2017 : 12.36 pm