Great Place to Stay!

My friend was coming down to Eastbourne and she needed a place to stay. My friend wanted to stay near the seafront. My friend looked at different hotels and came across Arden Hotel who seemed very approachable. They were very friendly and they served good food there. The restaurant was nicely situated and the breakfasts were good too. Arden Hotel was a good place to stay!

This blog was posted Tuesday 27th August 2019 : 11.40 am

Adding to the business' credibility

Best Bookings is a fully comprehensive piece of software which can be added alongside previous websites and which adds to a business's credibility. My uncle owns a guesthouse and since installing the booking system, the running of the business has proved to be much simpler with less hassle. Returning guests have mentioned how great it is and how they prefer this new system to the old one. My uncle says it is great to have a software which not only works for him and makes life easier, but also the guests too.

This blog was posted Thursday 12th July 2018 : 09.58 am