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Needing a little extra help

My friend was a cleaner and often discovered problems with cleaning mens urinals until he was introduced to Chem Assist. Chem Assist were very good at providing different chemical unblockers that were able to help with the problems that he was experiencing in cleaning.

This blog was posted Tuesday 17th December 2019 : 01.06 pm

60th Birthday Celebration

My uncle was looking for a marquee which could be put in his garden for his birthday celebrations next summer. My uncle looked into Southern Events who were very helpful in helping him find the right marquee for his requirements. Southern Events were very extensive, and had a large selection of marquees to choose from. There were different types of marquees open and closed suitable for any seasonal changes.

This blog was posted Tuesday 3rd December 2019 : 10.39 am

Looking for a chartered accountants

My friend was looking around for a chartered accountant that could help him with his accountancy needs for two of his small businesses. Dominic Hill was introduced to him and were highly professional and attentive to his needs. They were able to talk through well what his needs were and help him with what he needed.

This blog was posted Tuesday 26th November 2019 : 09.50 am

A Sociable Home

My friends husband has been a resident at Normanhurst for the past four years. He is comfortable and very happy here. The staff and other residents alike are all friendly and happy. The atmosphere makes such a big difference and it just feels like one big family altogether. He really enjoys the choice on the menu. The food is appetizing and nutritionally-balanced.

This blog was posted Monday 18th November 2019 : 10.25 am

Mortgage Advisors

A good friend had been hunting through the rental market in search of a property and mortgage services but was finding it almost impossible to take out a mortgage because he could not prove a steady income because his business was still relatively new. He was introduced to a specialist mortgage company called I need some help that were able to accommodate this need further.

This blog was posted Monday 18th November 2019 : 09.56 am

Outdoor Water Sports Storage

Shop for Garden supplied my friend with a fantastic wooden garage which he has assembled in his garden to safely store his watersports gear. There is a lot of stuff which is expensive which took up a lot of room in his house, so he wanted a large and secure outdoor space to store his canoe and other bits. On this website, he found large, high-quality, flat-packed wooden garages for a reasonable price. He is very happy with his new outdoor storage.

This blog was posted Thursday 31st October 2019 : 11.24 am

Awkward Pipework

My friend had a problem with one of her outlet pipes from the kitchen. My friend was looking for a plumber that would help her with this. My friend was recommended Ansell Plumbing who came out fairly promptly to help her deal with this. Ansell Plumbing were fantastic in putting this right!

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd October 2019 : 10.48 am

Looking for First Aid Trainers

My friend was looking for first aid trainers for work. She was recommended First Aid for You who were very good. First Aid Trainers came to the work place and were very informative with what they presented to the other work colleagues and staff. Their presentations were excellent and they gave very practical advice and help with First Aid at Work.

This blog was posted Tuesday 15th October 2019 : 09.06 am

Prevention of Blockages

Chem Assist are great at developing and supplying specialist drainage chemicals. My friend uses their products for the treatment and prevention of blockages. Their products are great for unblocking urinals and urinal pipework whilst keeping the control of grease and fat to a minimum.

This blog was posted Tuesday 17th September 2019 : 11.32 am

Great Dog Walking Company

Struggling with full-time work and three children, my friend was struggling to find the time to walk her dog. Thanks to K9 Adventures the time in her day has freed up a bit and she doesn`t have to worry about the dog. Her lovable labrador is well looked after and kept busy thanks to this dog walking and sitting company.

This blog was posted Tuesday 17th September 2019 : 10.18 am

Round the Clock Assistance

Eco Eye Energy Monitors are an essential bit of kit that my friend recommends that everyone should have in their home. The customer service here is like no other. They assisted him and was always available on-call to help further.

This blog was posted Wednesday 11th September 2019 : 11.26 am

Great Place to Stay!

My friend was coming down to Eastbourne and she needed a place to stay. My friend wanted to stay near the seafront. My friend looked at different hotels and came across Arden Hotel who seemed very approachable. They were very friendly and they served good food there. The restaurant was nicely situated and the breakfasts were good too. Arden Hotel was a good place to stay!

This blog was posted Tuesday 27th August 2019 : 11.40 am

Sparkling Clean

My neighbour was looking for a quote regarding a deep clean for her car. She approached Eastbourne Car Valeting who gave her a very reasonable rate to clean her car. She drove her car there and they did a thorough job on the inside and outside of her vehicle. She was particularly impressed with how they cleaned the inside as the standard taken to do the job was very high.

This blog was posted Monday 26th November 2018 : 09.03 am

Roofing Repairs

My boss at work had a leaking roof in the office. He called out ASAP Roofing to fix this. ASAP Roofing were very efficient and effective in meeting the need of this repair. They came out fairly promptly and were able to give advice about further repairs that were also needed as well as take care of the current work that needed to be done.

This blog was posted Monday 26th November 2018 : 08.54 am

Adding to the business' credibility

Best Bookings is a fully comprehensive piece of software which can be added alongside previous websites and which adds to a business's credibility. My uncle owns a guesthouse and since installing the booking system, the running of the business has proved to be much simpler with less hassle. Returning guests have mentioned how great it is and how they prefer this new system to the old one. My uncle says it is great to have a software which not only works for him and makes life easier, but also the guests too.

This blog was posted Thursday 12th July 2018 : 09.58 am

Unbelievable result

My friend inherited a beautiful cooker when she moved into her new home and was super pleased with the results that she got from Mrs Ovens cleaning service. She was a bit concerned about what cleaning products to use on the oven as she didn't want to spoil it in any way and although it looked a state, she could see the potential in and did not want to throw it away. Once the work had been done she could not believe how clean and new the oven looked. It looked like a different oven and is a testament to what must have taken hours to clean but what only took less than an hour! The oven clean was very reasonably priced given the stunning result!

This blog was posted Monday 29th January 2018 : 10.02 am

Training made fun

ETC Fire really knows their stuff but more importantly, they know how to share what they know with others in a fun and interesting way. My auntie works at a school and she says that the school have had fire training in the past and it dragged on and was very boring. Lots of people lost interest which is terrible but just like they do with the children, what they were being taught needed to be engaging and this company nailed it.

This blog was posted Wednesday 17th January 2018 : 04.40 pm

Central Heating System

My friend needed a new central heating system and we were personally recommended Sam Mercer Plumbing and they fulfilled the job promptly! The old system was stripped out and they took us through the different specifications and different models that were available. They were efficient and reliable my friend highly recommends.

This blog was posted Tuesday 9th January 2018 : 01.33 pm

Theory classes

My little sister had an absolute blast when she studied at Partners for Training she always came back with a smile on her face. She was always so eager to share what she had learned whilst studying beauty therapy here. She really enjoys demonstrating and practicing the skills that she has learned from the clients who come into the salon. She constantly sings the praises of her lecturers who are patient and encouraging. She even enjoys her theory classes and finds them so very interesting.

This blog was posted Tuesday 9th January 2018 : 01.04 pm

Smiles all round

My sister-in-law was new to the area and came across Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers to get a quote for homeowners insurance. She was thrilled with the personable service that she received and was amazed that the company bent over backward to help her. They made her feel thoroughly welcome and encouraged her to pop in anytime she liked. She is thankful for the assistance and expertise that this company demonstrated with ease and pleasure. She said it was refreshing to walk into an office and feel totally welcomed and to see so many smiley faces who were happy to help their clients.

This blog was posted Friday 22nd December 2017 : 12.36 pm